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You can honor the fallen, your own company (we will state ‘sponsored’ if a company, or just have your name embedded on our site.  We need to raise a few bucks due to Google and their attacks on Conservative America and the Constitution of the United States. They dare tell us that freedom of speech is not wanted in Googleland. You do as they say or else. So Leftist Democrat of them, huh! Or Globalist. It is disgusting if you ask us.  – Sgt Pat

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We will keep this up for a minimum of a week – even if a new donor comes along to beat out the $800 donated to Whatfinger.  We will also create a special Donor page after this first week to list donors, unless they ask to NOT be listed, since we live in strange times and many might not want let it be known that you are Conservative or love freedom and our Constitution. Don’t laugh, there are many areas, many companies where you cannot even say you love America. They are dominated by Marxists, Democrats that hate our nation and freedom.  Like Google for instance.  My own sister is a teacher in a Red State, but in a Blue city, and she will be fired if she ever says MAGA, or that she voted for Trump.  It is that bad in Marxist/Democrat controlled areas. Hard to believe this is America yet – which brings us to Whatfinger.

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We were asked to do this as it is a great way to memorialize those that help us, and also helps our readers get their own message out there. Whatever that is.  Please note: We WILL NOT post anything anti-American, and also NOTHING anti-Trump either.  Also nothing sexual related (if you want to promote a company).

Donate using either of the methods below… We would include PayPal too except you know what’s going on over there politically.  We are going to list the donors on the Special page from highest to lowest donations.  So if anyone blows us away in the next few days or weeks, when we surely do need the help due to Google’s actions in stopping so may companies that now us money and NOT paying us for many weeks or months, money already owed…  (click here for details) you get the top spot, a link to whatever you want as a sponsor, and us saying whatever you need or want said, if anything.

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